Cookin’ with Clint

Athletic Director Clint Bryant

Augusta State Athletic Director Clint Bryant has spent nearly 20 years in the Garden City. And during that time, he’s received a lot of recognition for his work. Bryant says, “I’ve got a number of first place trophies, a couple of best of show trophies. I have somewhere between 1012 trophies right now.” These pieces of hardware, though, don’t represent conference championships or coach of the year honors, but something with a little more flair. “Every grill’s different like every person’s different.”

You see, Bryant is also an award-winning outdoor cook. He says, “It started as a hobby and now it’s something that love to do. I think my grandmother loved to see people eat and I do to. I like to see people enjoy food.” Name the food, and Bryant is sure to cook it at some point. “I like ribs, chicken…I also enjoy doing a whole pig. Rack of lamb, grilled salmon…there’s nothing I won’t grill. “The key to anyone’s bar-b-que is not being in a hurry…taking their time, letting the meat cook, instead of basically rushing it.” “The line starts down there. Come down both sides.”

The A-S-U A-D regularly cooks for his Jaguar athletes too.And they couldn’t ask for a better training table. “He’s a great chef.
Last year, we had his chicken and sausage and it’s all just perfect.” “This is the third or fourth time I’ve eaten Coach Bryant’s bar-b-que. It’s always good and melts right in your mouth.” “I enjoy cooking for the athletes here at Augusta State university. They seem to enjoy it.

It’s just something I love to do.” So don’t be surprised the next time at a A-S-U basketball game, you see Coach Bryant wearing his second hat. In Augusta, Darin Wernig, N-B-C 26 sports.

New York to Monitor Diabetics

New York to Monitor Diabetics

(AP) – New York City medical officials hope a new health code regulation making it the first city to keep track of people with diabetes will help save lives.

The city will occasionally use its database to prod diabetics to take better care of themselves.

Diabetes is the fourth-leading cause of death in the city, but people who aggressively monitor their condition are less likely to develop fatal or debilitating symptoms.

The city’s health commissioner says the program’s potential to save thousands of lives outweighs concerns over medical privacy.

He said people skittish about their privacy will be allowed to opt

Diabetes killed about 1,800 New Yorkers in 2003, the last year for which figures were available.

“Four Kings” Premieres

David Kohan and Max Mutchnick

Emmy Award winners David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, creators of NBC’s Emmy-Award-winning comedy “Will & Grace,” present “Four Kings,” an exploration of four lifelong friends on the cusp of adulthood.

Barry (Seth Green “Austin Powers” franchise, “Italian Job”), Bobby (Shane McRae, “One Life to Live”), Ben (Josh Cooke, NBC’s “Committed”) and Jason (Todd Grinnell, “The Dangling Conversation”) couldn’t imagine life without one another. Since childhood, these bosom buddies haven’t spent so much as a birthday apart, but when Ben’s grandmother, who dubbed them the “Four Kings of New York,” passes away, Ben (and essentially his close friends) inherits her apartment.

But despite the comfort of their posh new surroundings and efforts to cling to their youth, adulthood begins drawing these Four Kings knee-deep into situations that aren’t always easy to escape in this honest exploration of life-term friendship.

“FOUR KINGS” Premieres This Thursday at 8:30p.m. on NBC 26

Four Kings

Premier EPISODE Preview:

US OR HER – Barry (Seth Green), Ben (Josh Cooke), Bobby (Shane McRae), and Jason (Todd Grinnell) have been best friends their entire lives and haven’t even spent a birthday apart. When Ben’s grandmother, who has dubbed them the “Four Kings of New York,” passes away, Ben inherits her large, posh apartment. Ben, of course, asks his friends to move in with him, but his girlfriend Jenny (guest star Kiele Sanchez) conveniently decides that it’s a good time in their relationship for them to move in together. As the guys prepare to make the move, having decided that there’s enough room for all of them, Jen gives Ben an ultimatum – his friends or her.