Leaders Say Prayers Have Transformed Hearts


Reverend Gregory Fuller, Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, says prayer holds the answer to every problem in Augusta.

“I don’t believe our city will prosper until the spiritual and religious community comes together and the best way to do that is through prayer,” said Fuller.

For six months now the Mayor Deke Copenhaver and other city leaders have attended the mayor’s prayer breakfast.

Leaders say as they leave the church, they find it easier to come together. An answer to their prayers.

“I see changes in the way people interact with each other,” said Richmond County Commissioner Keith Brown.

But Reverend Fuller is concerned more people don’t attend.

“I’ve heard some persons say ‘I’m not gonna go, I’ll pray at home’. The scripture talks about not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together. Whether you like a person or not, if an enemy calls me and asks me to pray for him, I will pray for him. I know I can’t change him, but God can,” said Fuller.

Breakfast organizer Matt Aiken agrees. He says much change has already taken place and even greater changes are to come.