Gay Marriage Ban Divider For Churches

Gay Marriage Ban

On the 96.3 Kiss FM morning show with Fattz and Cher, the topic was gay marriage and there was no shortage of opinion.

“To each his own, but I think congress needs to sit down and worry about other issues, i.e. the war,” one caller said.

“This particular topic generated hot phones all morning long, long after the show was over,” says Cher Best of ‘Fatt and Cher’.

The show’s discussion centered on the court’s right to make decisions on personal relationships. The hosts say they were surprised at the diversity of the callers.

Doctor Andy Reese, author and Ministry Associate with the Unitarian Universalist Church says the issue is causing uproar in several faith groups. His church accepts gay couples and ordains them in ministry. But he says the political and religious battle is far from over for other groups.

“People like to talk about sex, we are all interested in sex but that is not the message of the old and new testament. The message is about people, about love,” says Reese.

Nationally, The issue of sexually based topics and the church was the subject of a recent article by Reverend Al Sharpton. Sharpton says many churches are focusing on gay marriage instead of topics like poverty and voting. Saying the discussions quote “drive a wedge through our people.”

“It (gay marriage) is not right. God made woman for man and man for woman,” one caller remarked.