Cookin’ with Clint

Athletic Director Clint Bryant

Augusta State Athletic Director Clint Bryant has spent nearly 20 years in the Garden City. And during that time, he’s received a lot of recognition for his work. Bryant says, “I’ve got a number of first place trophies, a couple of best of show trophies. I have somewhere between 1012 trophies right now.” These pieces of hardware, though, don’t represent conference championships or coach of the year honors, but something with a little more flair. “Every grill’s different like every person’s different.”

You see, Bryant is also an award-winning outdoor cook. He says, “It started as a hobby and now it’s something that love to do. I think my grandmother loved to see people eat and I do to. I like to see people enjoy food.” Name the food, and Bryant is sure to cook it at some point. “I like ribs, chicken…I also enjoy doing a whole pig. Rack of lamb, grilled salmon…there’s nothing I won’t grill. “The key to anyone’s bar-b-que is not being in a hurry…taking their time, letting the meat cook, instead of basically rushing it.” “The line starts down there. Come down both sides.”

The A-S-U A-D regularly cooks for his Jaguar athletes too.And they couldn’t ask for a better training table. “He’s a great chef.
Last year, we had his chicken and sausage and it’s all just perfect.” “This is the third or fourth time I’ve eaten Coach Bryant’s bar-b-que. It’s always good and melts right in your mouth.” “I enjoy cooking for the athletes here at Augusta State university. They seem to enjoy it.

It’s just something I love to do.” So don’t be surprised the next time at a A-S-U basketball game, you see Coach Bryant wearing his second hat. In Augusta, Darin Wernig, N-B-C 26 sports.