Arriving in his camouflage sleigh, Kris Kringle came a little early this year to visit our troops overseas.

He landed in Bagram Air Base to spread holiday cheer and deliver Christmas stockings to our men and women in uniform.

Each of the troops had the chance to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him their wish list.

“The greatest privilege we have is being able to serve and we do not get in politics of what might be going on in the environment around us, even back home,ā€ said Major Richard Morton who is stationed in Iraq.

And in Iraq earlier this week, troops got into the holiday spirit by participating in a talent show.

The show was filled with singers, guitarists and a mandolin player.

The event took place in the in the main hospital inside the fortified green zone in Baghdad.

But, no matter where the troops are spending Christmas around the world, their hearts are with their families.

“We all miss our families, and it is the biggest drive that all of us have. We all want to go home and see our families, be with our children, our loved ones,ā€ said Jacob Coopers, a soldier serving in Iraq.

“I know my family misses me and I miss my family, but I am doing this for my country, so Iā€™m doing my duty,ā€ said Aaris Morris, a solider in Afghanistan.

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