Investigations into the Circumstances Surrounding the Wrongful Death

Investigations into the Circumstances Surrounding the Wrongful Death are the Sole Responsibility of Surviving Family Members

The cold hard truth when it comes to the death of an elderly person is this. Old people die. And because of this, something must be clearly out-of-line in order for that death to come to the attention of the County Medical Examiner. In two recent news stories on 60 Minutes, both of which surrounded the investigation of suspicious elderly deaths in Southern California and Louisiana nursing homes, it was discovered that less than five in 100 such deaths were even investigated by the Los Angeles County and Orleans Parrish Medical Examiners. They just took the word of the doctor-of-record at each center that the causes of all deaths were natural and not extraordinary. perdonal injury aw - wrongful death attor eys
Besides, these ME’s had backlogs of cases due to the fact that their undermanned and underfunded staffs had plenty to do without opening that “assisted care center” wrongful death can-of-worms. So the attention of these medical examiners never came into play after all of those deaths.

But when 60 minutes producers took a sample of suspicious deaths in both locations and did their own investigations, they found one-in-fifteen to be “suspicious” and investigated further. Three of the Southern California deaths were found to have been caused by a minimum wage employee at one elderly care facility who was tired of “putting up with old people who complained all the time.”

This underscores the problem that tells you why a third-party investigator (like 60 Minutes) with solid experience in getting to the bottom of such tragic deaths is a necessity in proving malpractice or wrongful death of a loved one who died while living in assisted care.

Our Law Firm has over 30 years of investigating these types of cases. In addition to our traditional investigative team, we also have a roster of respected medical experts who get to the bottom of your deceased loved one’s suspicious death. If your fears prove to be true, our investigations help us build the strongest assisted care medical malpractice or wrongful death case for you and your family.accident attorneys

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