Plumbing Services – Repairs – New Installations – Upgrades

Plumbing Services – Repairs – New Installations – Upgrades

As a homeowner, you try everything in your capacity to keep your household running smoothly. You know there are things to monitor, like when they will merit repair and/or replacement. The plumbing system in your home is no exception. residential plumbing repairs

In your search, you discover that different experts have differing views about tricks and tips to keep your system in top shape. But here, our plumbers will reveal the true secrets about good home plumbing.

The bottom line: Don’t believe everything they say as there are a lot of plumbing myths going around that might cost you thousands. Trust the real experts, our plumbers, when they say “this is not going to work” or “this is the better option.”

Top 2 Myths You Should Avoid At All Costs

Don’t let yourself carry the burden of spending a lot just because what you have believed in was in fact, not true. Here are two of the numerous myths that you should avoid in all situations:

1. As they are the experts, all plumbers know it all. It’s okay to call on anyone from the internet.

Wrong! A person who holds the title “Plumber” doesn’t follow that he has the license and is educated in his field. However, he has all the chance to continue his education and training, until he passes exams successfully. Eventually, he may even get special accreditation to be able to install some products.

So, you want to call on just anyone? What if he installs something poorly? Or, will you not be scared if he chooses the wrong fixture? Think of the thousands you would have to spend if something goes wrong by calling another plumber or buying another fixture!

What you can do:

Know your plumber’s background on his practice by checking out the state boards or the licensing office. This is to ensure that the plumber you are hiring has the right qualification and education.

2. You save money by using your plumbing fixtures less often.

Wrong! You bought the electric water heater because you know you need it. So, why use it less often? Common sense tells you that if that fixture sits for a long time unused, it could create highly explosive hydrogen gas. Not using it on a regular basis will cause the gas in the p-trap to evaporate. Your entire house might end up smelling toxic gas.

In case you have no idea, the p-trap is a plumbing fixture for several purposes. Any equipment in your household that drains water has a p-trap. These include bathtubs, sinks, washing machines, among others.

As the name suggests, this device traps the wastewater in its dip and seals off the pipe. You may not see what’s going on down there. But, as the water flows down the drain, the water level rises then flows down with the accompanying waste to the sewage system.

What you can do:

All experts about plumbing and gas will tell you that not using any plumbing fixture will not give you its optimum performance, so you should use them. Don’t let them sit for a long span of time, so as to avoid creating health risks right inside your own home.

Two secrets unveiled. Keep away from those myths and trust only our reputable plumbers to keep your system in good condition. Great way to save you on costs!