Weather Calculations

Weather Calculations

Heat Index Calculation

Enter in the air temperature ( Tair ) in degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity ( RH ) in percent ( without the % sign ), then click on the Calculate HI to compute the heat index ( HI ).

Relative Humidity Calculation

Enter in the air temperature ( Tair ) and dew point temperature ( Tdp) in degrees Fahrenheit ( oF ) then click on the Calculate RH to compute relative humidity( RH ).

Here is the formula to calculate the Wind Chill:

T(wc)=.081 x (3.71 x sqrt(V) + 5.81 – 0.25 x V) x (T – 91.4) + 91.4 , where T(wc) is the Wind Chill in degrees F, V is the Wind Speed in MPH, and T is the temperature in degrees F. You can use the calculator below which uses this formula.

CDC Reports West Nile Cases Up, Especially Along the Gulf Coast

CDC Reports

(AP) – Health officials say aggressive action after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita helped limit the impact of mosquito-borne illnesses.

Officials had worried that water left by the storms would offer
more breeding grounds and cause mosquito populations to explode.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says human cases of West Nile virus jumped 24 percent this year in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas.

But health officials are more concerned about West Nile cases that result in serious diseases like encephalitis and meningitis.

Those cases actually grew only 17 percent, more slowly than the national average.

A CDC epidemiologist says large-scale evacuation, pesticide
spraying and other efforts may have helped limit the hurricane

Overall, health officials say West Nile cases grew more than 16 percent in the U.S. this year.

Police Thought Seized Video Gambling Machines Were Legal

Video Gambling Machines

(AP) – The State Law Enforcement Division says four people have been arrested after 19 illegal gaming machines were found in businesses in Port Royal and Beaufort.

Port Royal Police Chief James Cadien says he knew a shop in town had video gambling machines for years, but didn’t realize the business might be breaking the law until state investigators visited the store last week.

Payouts for video gambling machines that are based on skill, not chance, have been banned in South Carolina since 2000.

SLED Inspector Stacy Drakeford says owners can easily change a
legal machine into an illegal video gambling machine.